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Dance Avanti...Ken Pandozzi

Hello, I'm Ken Pandozzi. I teach Ballroom and Latin dance styles. My love of music and dance go back for decades. Earlier in my life I was, and still am, a professional musician. My favorite styles of music were Tango and Latin rhythms. From time to time I would watch the Ballroom Dance competitions on television because I always enjoyed the music selections that were chosen for the dancing. Over twenty years ago, I eventually decided to invest some time into trying 'a few' dance lessons. The first lessons I studied were Tango in the Providence and Boston areas and I have been dancing ever since. After three years of dancing, I entered into professional training programs. Since then I have competed in various states and been involved with four dance studios. I thoroughly enjoy spreading the love of music and dance to others. In my free time I enjoy partaking in local acting and historical reenacting.


Phone (401) 473-9329